Do you have an idea about how you would use one of our robot arms to automate your business?

Submit your plan for a chance to realise your design.


We have partnered with local engineering companies who can assist you with the design and installation of your project as you repurpose your robot to suit the needs of your business.


Do you want to help more companies automate?

We are looking for strategic partners who can work with us to increase Australia’s manufacturing capabilities.                      

Are you looking to integrate robotic arms to your business?

Follow these tips and tricks:

  • Start small:  Master the basics before moving on to more complex tasks (think pick and place, material handling, and material dispensing).
  • Plan the robot cell: Consider the robot’s position and motion, pick-up and drop-off locations of objects and where your workers fit into this puzzle. The success of the project is dependent upon how these elements work together.
  • Don’t wait, Dive in! A single robot will be as functional to your company as 50. Buy your first industrial robot and begin to automate the easiest step.


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